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Bladder Cancer Test NMP22 - posted by B. on 10/25/2009
There is a test available called NMP22 BladderChek. There may be a fee to have this test run but it's worth it. The test is painless and non-invasive. It is my understanding this test can discover a "marker" of pre-cancer lesions or early stage cancer in the bladder * It significantly increased the detection of recurrent bladder cancer, finding 99% of malignancies when used with cystoscopy * It detected 100% of dangerous tumors in women at risk for bladder cancer - and was also positive for seven conditions that required biopsy for diagnosis * It detected occult bladder cancers - detecting all of the cancers that occurred in the upper urinary tract of patients with risk factors or symptoms of bladder cancer * It detected three times more cases of bladder cancer in symptomatic patients, with hematuria (blood in the urine), than the traditional laboratory test, cytology which can be successfully treated if found early enough. BE PROACTIVE! WHEN YOU VISIT YOUR DOCTOR, PLEASE ASK FOR THE TEST.
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